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How do we appoint a VA for you?

Once we get an enquiry from you, our professional sales representatives will reach out to understand your exact needs and carefully select, interview and appoint an appropriate VA for your specific needs while managing all the necessary paperwork. You just have tell us your exact needs!

Click here to know what all service do our VAs cover.

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Our VA Appointing Process

Arrange Periodic Reviews

Conduct periodic performance evaluations to assess the VA's effectiveness and address any concerns or areas for improvement. Adjust tasks, goals, or working arrangements as needed.

Interview and Appoint

Schedule and conduct interviews with our internally trained shortlisted candidates. We use this step to assess their communication skills, professionalism, and cultural fit with your organisation. Depending on the nature of the tasks, we also conduct tests to evaluate the candidate's skills and ability to deliver quality work.

Complete Paperwork

We help set clear expectations with the selected VA regarding working hours, availability, payment terms, and any other relevant details and ensure both parties agree on the terms and conditions. We also help onboard the VA so that there is a smooth transition into your organisation

Understand Requirements

Determine the specific tasks and responsibilities you require assistance with. This could be in areas like administration, customer support, marketing, or any other relevant function. We use this to create a detailed Job Description that has been approved by you.

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